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I have been engaged in making things aka craftsmanship (mainly leather) in Japan for about 20 years. Aiming for the best uncompromising craftsmanship, I will continue to grow with the many artisans involved in craftsmanship. And by actually trying various arts and skills related to traditional crafts not limited to leather, I will pursue and increase the opportunities to learn. Only when the products are used in daily life will they be brought to life and become dynamic. As they continue be made and used, they will be passed along as part of culture, taking root, and carefully nurtured. As a force of culture, these creations give rise to trade and economy while continuing to exist with people who love the good and old. However, in this era, there is the danger of being swallowed up by the trend of disposable consumer needs. I think that many the things that used to be carefully protected and used up until now are almost gone. And, very unfortunately, nowadays, foreigners are more interested in Japanese culture than we Japanese.

My mission is to convey to people overseas at this time the traditional creations built by my Japanese ancestors - items that are full of the power to make the most of the materials. This mission is a gem that endlessly fascinates me. In December 2019, I moved to the United States and moved my base of activities to Portland, Oregon, USA.

This place has a close relationship with Japan and is also a place where unique professionals gather in the United States in terms of manufacturing. Right now, I have started growing Japanese indigo in this area, and while distributing the seedlings, I am doing indigo dyeing myself.

Aiming to create a fostering environment where creators from the United States and Japan can stimulate and enhance each other, while working as a business consultant, I am working to organize pop-up shops in actual, physical spaces from July 2021 with the aim of create a place where creators who share the future can go out into the world.

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Born in Tokyo in 1977, Mayumi started her own business at the age of 21. She self-taught leather tanning, dyeing and processing, and in 2001 she founded the leather brand "MAYUMI HASEGAWA" (and established Mayu Co., Ltd.). She used her own dyed and processed leather to mass-produce leather products such as designed bags, belts and wallets. She sold products wholesale to department stores and select shops nationwide, and in 2006 she opened two directly managed stores in Omotesando, Tokyo. In 2008, she gave a lecture on leather at the Vantan Design Institute Vocational School. She was a bag judge every year in the Takarajimasha magazines "Mono Max" and "Bag of the Year". Since 2009, she has been published in fashion magazines such as the magazine "LEON" every month, and she has appeared on many TV and radio programs as a designer, having established her position as the first female designer in the leather industry.
She has traveled all over Japan since 2010, studying Japanese craftsmanship. In 2014, she established Bancca Co., Ltd. to convey the importance of making things through the actual final products, as her respect for artisans takes the form of passing down good culture. As one of the designers and artisans, she is the CEO of Bancca Co., Ltd., which is the company behind ACAMAL, and she is in charge of leather dyeing, design and sample production. She was also active as a advocate of Japanese culture, as she attended Cool Japan Fund's overseas events.

Her ACAMAL brand, which she has been working on since 2014, is a brand originating in Japan, and all her works are created by teaming up with designers and traditional Japanese artisans (techniques). In order to preserve the wonderful traditional techniques of Japan, she realizes creations that she always uses in her daily life. By using them, she makes things that permeate people's bodies, and she cherishes the heart of cherishing things.

Her products have been carried at Ginza SIX, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, select shops in Tokyo, etc.. She has held a solo exhibition every year in Tokyo for 5 years. Nearly 200 to 300 fans visit the exhibition venue every year for two days, even traveling from far away. She has a varied following that includes business people, entertainers, sumo wrestlers, athletes, and artists.

She has been selected as a representative female entrepreneur in Toshima-ku, Tokyo since 2017 and has given lectures on entrepreneurship. She also leverages her 20 years of experience in providing brand consulting for well-established brands and entrepreneurs. She moved to Portland, Oregon, USA from December 2019 in order totransmit wonderful Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

Mayumi’s works of advocating / spreading craftsman spirits and Japanese culture:

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1977年東京生まれ。21歳で独立起業する。独学で革のなめし·染色·加工について研究、製作を行い、2001年レザーブランド「MAYUMI HASEGAWA」を創立(株式会社マーユを設立)する。自らが染めて加工した革を使い、デザインしたバッグやベルト、財布をはじめとする革製品を手作り量産する。全国の百貨店やセレクトショップに商品を卸販売を行う傍ら、2006年には東京・表参道に直営店を2店舗構える。2008年、バンタンデザイン研究所専門学校にて革についての講師として講義も行なった。宝島社雑誌「MonoMax」「カバン·オブ·ザ·イヤー」にて、鞄の審査員を毎年担当している。2009年より毎月雑誌「LEON」などのファッション雑誌に掲載され、デザイナーとしてTVやラジオなどにも多数出演、革業界初の女性デザイナーとしての地位を確立した。









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