Jorinji Miso

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While there are many different brands of Miso flooding the market these days,
we only focus on making REAL MISO, respecting the 1300 year old Japanese traditional style, which are:
Simple Ingredients (nothing extra added), Hand-Crafted, and Natural Fermentation.

Some parts of this is not as efficient, especially since natural fermentation needs at least 6 month to 3 years or more. (In contrast to this, many of Japanese industrial miso are made in a short time by temperature control.)
But we would love to keep our style because we believe it’s the only way to create miso’s real flavor, containing all the tastes: sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and umami, mixed together with their unique complexity. 

What is fascinating is each batch of miso flavor comes out a little different due to natural fermentation. The variations can come from the seasons, the weather, temperature/humidity, or maybe even our own condition throughout the process. We love this kind of cooperation with nature, and we want to spread the unique characteristics and flavor of our miso from Portland to the world.