no more raw fish


All of our ingredients are carefully selected to boost your immunity. Chef Miki has 18 years of experience as a sushi chef and a registered dietician in Japan.

Whole foods, super foods, local, sustainable, and natural foods are used as much as possible. We prepare everything from scratch. Our food is vegan or vegetarian friendly. However we never scrimp on taste. We use fermented Miso to help to boost immunity. Our vegan miso soup is made with fresh flavorful nutritious vegetables from local farmers. We make Sushi Chef's egg omelet with local honey to support your immune system. We use only cage-free brown eggs. The results is a healthy dessert. Ota tofu is used for our vegan Inari Sushi. This ingredient is made by the oldest tofu maker in Portland. For the sushi rice we only use sweet brown rice mixed with black rice (a super food) and red beans.

Anago (sea eel) is cleaned, braised and broiled carefully by Chef Miki who was trained by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto at his very first US restaurant "morimoto" in Philadelphia. To make the Sushi, we use a whole piece of Anago for each customer.

Each of our food items are designed to contain a lot of proteins, vitamins and dietary fibers, and guaranteed to taste like a top-quality Japanese restaurant.